Welcome to the B.J.club Furano

Welcome to the B.J.club Furano website

Furano is located right in the middle of the Hokkaido. The small town is surrounded by the big back-country mountains where you can ski down anywhere you want. The quality of snow is just amazing. As the town is quite far from the ocean, the clouds loses all the moisture on the way here, and when they reach Furano, they just dump the super dry powder snow!!
We've been hosting the guests from all over the world such as Switzerland, Canada, Norway, Australia, New Zealand, and all of them say "The powder snow here is much better". Well I guess now you don't have any more reason not to come and stay here.

Looking forward to seeing you


B.J.club Furanoは自然溢れるラベンダーで有名な北海道の中富良野町にあるペンションです。



〒071-0742 北海道空知郡中富良野町中富良野福原農場
TEL: 090-9439-3292 代表:山本